Roosevelt High School

Statement Concerning RHS Fire Alarms

Dear RHS families,
We wanted you to be aware of some incidents that have occurred with our fire alarm these last three days.  
  • On Monday, October 1, we had one false alarm that the fire department confirmed as sensor failure. 
  • On Tuesday, October 2, we had two alarms.  One was a false alarm from a sensor and one was a student pull.  The fire department confirmed both of these events.  Please remind your children that when they pull a fire alarm when there is no cause to pull the alarm, they will be suspended and charges could be brought against them for tampering with fire alarms.
  • Today, October 3, we again had a false alarm due to a sensor.  Together with the fire department, we have determined where the sensor fail appears to be and we are currently working on replacing that sensor now.  We have also hired a fire alarm company to come in and test our entire system.
We apologize for the inconvenience to our staff and students.  We appreciate your understanding and patience through all of this as we address the above issues.  Please know that your children did a great job remaining calm and orderly during these evacuations.  
RHS Administration